Sunday, May 31, 2009

Well I was right when I said I probably wouldn't use the blog much because here I am six months later and finally putting up a new post. I'm pretty sure my life isn't really all that exciting which is probably why i'm not so good at updating you all on it or at writing a journal. but oh well maybe someone else will find my life exciting and since face to face i seem to be determined to tell everyone as much as my very fast talking can get out before the person comes up with a good enough excuse to escape from the monotony i might as well bore anyone foolish enough to read my blog too. although i guess not updating is annother way to bore a reader cause then they don't have anything to read... but that would be a waste of all this rambling i've just taken the time to type up for you all to waste your time on :)
Today was the last special needs sacrament and it was so good but so sad because i will miss it so so so much! for those of you who don't know, this past school year i have been lucky enough to be involved in a special needs mutual. We meet once a week on thrusdays, and have activities that have included things like dances, swimming, games, gospel lessons, card making, service projects, ect. There are around 90 special needsmembers of the mutual, and i love each and everyone of them, espically Maddy to whom i was lucky enough to serve as a youth councilor. She has taught me how lucky we all are in life, how every new thing is exciting, not scary, that every person is someone to be loved, and that people literally can dance until they drop :). Through the experiences i have had this year i feel like i am (or at least hope that i am) a little bit better person. All the people have taught me so much about love and acceptance, knowing christ through the spirit, and being proud of whatever talents you have. I'm so glad i got to do it and so sad that it is over.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i just got this blog cause now it seems like all my family has blogs and i can't comment on theirs unless i have one of my own so i got one, i probably won't be very good at updating it but i'll try